Online Payment Refund Policy Statement

Online Payment Refund Policy Statement

The National Water Commission shall refund to a customer any amount that was paid in error (incorrect payee/ utility or incorrect amount), via the NWC Online Payment Portal, provided that s/he:

a. Submits the request for refund in writing to the Commercial Operations Department, clearly stating the amount paid, the intended amount and the date of payment. The receipt of the payment must be attached.

b. Provides the particulars of the credit card used to make the payment, including the:

  • i. Card Holder's name
  • ii. Issuing Bank
  • iii. Expiration date
  • iv. Last 4 digits of the Card Number

c. Provides a valid identification, i.e. driver's licence, voter's identification or passport

On receipt of the request, the matter shall be investigated, the customer's account adjusted on the Customer Information System and the amount refunded to the customer's account.